UNICON I: A Magical Nerd Gathering!

Best Con Ever is proud to present:

UNICORN I – A Magical Nerd Gathering!


UNICON I is not like any gaming event you’ve ever attended (unless you were lucky enough to snag invites to other Best Con Ever* events like the notorious NOTCON!).

So, nerdmigos – saddle up your unicorns, break out those wizard staffs, and get ready to go to the Best Con Ever…part game con, part vacation, all unicorn-ass kicking awesomesauce!  If you’ve gotten this invite, it means that UNICON ONE loves you, and wants you to join us for a weekend of nerdy rainbows, geeky fun, and epic awesomeness!

See, unlike a regular GAME CONVENTION – Unicon is the best con ever – yours!  A completely customized event that captures all of the fun from a game convention (playing games with your friends, drinking with your friends, not dealing with the real world, being totally able to walk around all weekend dressed as an anime character – you get the picture)…without all of the crap of a game convention (playing games with people you don’t know, and don’t like; the smell, walking all around a giant convention center to play a game that might be good, trying to balance your time between finding food, sleeping, and gaming).

Your organizer, FAITH GRABOWSKI, with some help from pro-organizers (Chris and Heather from 9th Level Games/BEST CON EVER) is gathering her people to rock, roll, and slay games all night and all day.  Gathered together in a KICK ASS beach house – everything is gathered under one roof.  You can sleep, eat, drink, and game – without leaving the couch or at least the gaming table.  Gaming and Friends 24×7..it really doesn’t get any better than this.  Oh wait, the house is how cool…{{INSERT PICUTRE AND LINK FOR THE HOUSE HERE }}}


So, are you ready for a weekend (Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morninig) of gaming, drinking, gaming, geeking, cupcaking, hot-tubbing, nerding, cocktailing, cardboard slinging, unicorn killing, drinking, mini smashing, game workshopping, movie inebriating, video rocking, epicing, and possibly some more gaming.  

Potetial Events Could Include:

  • A D&D Dungeon Delve
  • Castle Ravenloft
  • The Best Con Ever “Movie Drinking Game”
  • GW Mini Gaming
  • Vikings versus Unicorns (or at least Werewolves versus Cheerleaders)
  • Classic Video Gaming Challenge
  • Action Castle
  • Boardgaming (your favorites or Best Con Ever will provide and teach the hottest new or classic games)
  • …and the list goes on and on…endlessly custmized for just the group of people attending
  • (here’s an example – click here for a list of the games from our last event…http://notcon.posterous.com/pages/games-to-play)