NOTCON 5 – A Fifth of NotCon

Best Con Ever delivered another amazing con for the NOTCON crowd, drawing 35 people together for a 5 day, game-filled, amazing personal convention experience in the NY Catskill region.  Taking over a country Inn, the NOTCON crew had an awesome time (see the pix below) with some standout events and games:

·         A treasure hunt competition (that had a “real” ticking timebomb to defuse

·         A unique 4th Edition DND tournament (5 groups of 4 players in a timed event)

·         Indie RPGs including FIASCO!, Burning Wheel and Dread

·         Board game, card game and Eurogames madness with standouts like: Burden Von Bergen, BITE, Fits, Dominion, 7 Wonders, Citadels, Quarriors, Mord im Arosa, and many man many wore

 ·         2 Hot Tubs and heated outdoor pool

·         A colossal multi-day Croquet Tournament

·         Magic the Gathering cubes and Commander

·         Retro video games, KINECT, Rock Band and LAN gaming…especially League of Legends

·         The annual poker tournament

·         A roving, interactive Cthulhu LARP (filled with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, lizard masks, and character deaths)

·         Great communal meals (including yeast-raised waffles, a pulled pork smorgasbord, an amazing beef loin, a barbeque, and awesome vegan dishes)

·         Interactive achievements board, with prizes

·         Customized, individual badges to celebrate and remember the adventure

The BEST CON EVER team can design and run an event like this for your group of friends or family, as a game product, or special interest.  Contact us at BESTCONEVER@GMAIL.COM to discuss!


UNICON I: A Magical Nerd Gathering!

Best Con Ever is proud to present:

UNICORN I – A Magical Nerd Gathering!


UNICON I is not like any gaming event you’ve ever attended (unless you were lucky enough to snag invites to other Best Con Ever* events like the notorious NOTCON!).

So, nerdmigos – saddle up your unicorns, break out those wizard staffs, and get ready to go to the Best Con Ever…part game con, part vacation, all unicorn-ass kicking awesomesauce!  If you’ve gotten this invite, it means that UNICON ONE loves you, and wants you to join us for a weekend of nerdy rainbows, geeky fun, and epic awesomeness!

See, unlike a regular GAME CONVENTION – Unicon is the best con ever – yours!  A completely customized event that captures all of the fun from a game convention (playing games with your friends, drinking with your friends, not dealing with the real world, being totally able to walk around all weekend dressed as an anime character – you get the picture)…without all of the crap of a game convention (playing games with people you don’t know, and don’t like; the smell, walking all around a giant convention center to play a game that might be good, trying to balance your time between finding food, sleeping, and gaming).

Your organizer, FAITH GRABOWSKI, with some help from pro-organizers (Chris and Heather from 9th Level Games/BEST CON EVER) is gathering her people to rock, roll, and slay games all night and all day.  Gathered together in a KICK ASS beach house – everything is gathered under one roof.  You can sleep, eat, drink, and game – without leaving the couch or at least the gaming table.  Gaming and Friends 24× really doesn’t get any better than this.  Oh wait, the house is how cool…{{INSERT PICUTRE AND LINK FOR THE HOUSE HERE }}}


So, are you ready for a weekend (Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morninig) of gaming, drinking, gaming, geeking, cupcaking, hot-tubbing, nerding, cocktailing, cardboard slinging, unicorn killing, drinking, mini smashing, game workshopping, movie inebriating, video rocking, epicing, and possibly some more gaming.  

Potetial Events Could Include:

  • A D&D Dungeon Delve
  • Castle Ravenloft
  • The Best Con Ever “Movie Drinking Game”
  • GW Mini Gaming
  • Vikings versus Unicorns (or at least Werewolves versus Cheerleaders)
  • Classic Video Gaming Challenge
  • Action Castle
  • Boardgaming (your favorites or Best Con Ever will provide and teach the hottest new or classic games)
  • …and the list goes on and on…endlessly custmized for just the group of people attending
  • (here’s an example – click here for a list of the games from our last event…




What the heck is BEST CON EVER?

Chris and Heather O’Neill have been designing game and convention events since the late 90’s.  So famous for running awesome events, that Chris was even a Guest of Honor at ORIGINS (one of the largest gaming conventions in the world), mainly due to the fact that every year hundreds of people flocked to 9th Level Games events hosted and run by Chris, his partner Dan, Heather, and the awesome crew they had developed.  Now, Chris and Heather are bringing their legendary party and event planning skillz to rock your nerd world!  After way too many cons (and way too many years) all over this fair land of ours, Chris and Heather came to the conclusion that what they really wanted to do at Cons was to spend all of their time playing games with their friends….and BEST CON EVER was born.  


For more infor check us out online at




Twitter @BestConEver

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