What We Do

We give you the Best Con Ever…YOURS!!!

After attending many conventions and trade shows in the gaming industry we realized that it was less about gaming and more about selling.  Boo!

So almost 7 years ago now we boycotted the big gaming conventions and started our own private con called NOTCON!  We started with 10 people at our house and some gaming and beers.  In September we just completed the 6th annual NOTCON with 35 attendees for a 4 night/5 day game-cation!  Kick ass!

Many people were feeling like us and wanted to have their own niche con.  We’ve successfully run a number of small, personalized con’s over the past 2 years.

We also run day events at local bars and breweries to give the public (or gamers, geeks, nerds) a fun day of board games, simple RPG’s and interaction with new people.



Heather & Chris O’Neill


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