PLAYER#ONE – Tabletop Games and Draft Beers @ BARCADE PHILLY Dec 2nd

Join us for another PLAYER#ONE event on Sunday December 2nd! We return to BARCADE PHILLY for the coolest tabletop gaming event in Philly!

Enjoy a fun Sunday afternoon of playing board games, drinking craft beers and dropping quarters into Joust!

Beer and Food Specials. $1 OFF ALL DRAFTS!

Dixit (light strategy, party game)
7 Wonders (heavy strategy)
King of Tokyo (fun strategy)
Quarriors (light strategy)
Cards Against Humanity (party party game)
Dungeon (recently reprinted classic)
Fiasco (story driven lite rpg)
Demon Realms (rpglike party game)!
and more….

Meet local game designers and demo some new games. Learn some of the hot new games (no experience necessary, all games will be taught). EARN ACHIEVEMENTS to UNLOCK PRIZES! $1 off all Drafts of the extensive Barcade craft beer selection (along with beer and food specials)

FREE EVENT! Invite some of your friends.

SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME FOR BONUS POINTS (and to help us get a headcount). 


-Heather & Chris
The Best Con Ever Team 
Sundays are BBQ time for Barcade! Their food is AMAZING! 


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