What the heck is BEST CON EVER?

Chris and Heather O’Neill have been designing game and convention events since the late 90’s.  So famous for running awesome events, that Chris was even a Guest of Honor at ORIGINS (one of the largest gaming conventions in the world), mainly due to the fact that every year hundreds of people flocked to 9th Level Games events hosted and run by Chris, his partner Dan, Heather, and the awesome crew they had developed.  Now, Chris and Heather are bringing their legendary party and event planning skillz to rock your nerd world!  After way too many cons (and way too many years) all over this fair land of ours, Chris and Heather came to the conclusion that what they really wanted to do at Cons was to spend all of their time playing games with their friends….and BEST CON EVER was born.  


For more infor check us out online at http://bestconever.com/


Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-Con-Ever/179827805383559


Twitter @BestConEver

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